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Black Ops IV free Dlc Weekend

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In caz de va intrebati ce sa jucati in acest weekend , poate ca ar trebui sa va indreptati atentia catre Call of Duty Black Ops IV deoarece ofera acces gratuit catre urmatoarele harti :

Elevation, Madagascar, Casino, si Lockup. Iar ca sa fie pachet complet, dublu xp activ pe tot parcursul weekend-ului.

Tocmai ce a fost lansat si un update pentru imbunatatiri gameplay.




Game Modes


One in the Chamber


Disabled “downlinking enemy data” radar sweep voiceover.




Addressed an issue that could cause EKIAs from properly registering in Heist.




Fixed a rare crash that could occur when leaving a Stockpile match that is in progress.


Resolved an issue that caused the drop-off location to appear as a black square on 4k displays.






Addressed an issue preventing Stim Shot use after using the Hawk.


Addressed an issue causing a double reticle to appear when using the Sparrow, then the Hawk.






Addressed an issue that caused the Killcam for the Thresher to display the incorrect point of view.


Custom Games


Addressed an issue that could prevent Equipment cooldown from functioning properly in Custom Games.




Addressed a text overlap issue in the lobby in the map voting area.




Fixed a crash that could occur when using Mesh Mines in certain cases.


Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred while playing Stockpile with bots.


World League Hub




Added red penalty text to the Quit Match popup to clearly indicate new match quit penalty.


Updated the World League Rank Calling Card description to include the card’s rank.




Game Modes




Adjusted text on the Elimination Screen to indicate the proper game type.






Reduced damage over time.


Reduced range.






Reduced Reinforced Perk fire resistance.




Recon Car


Resolved a UI error that could occur when activating a Recon Car.


Grapple Gun


Resolved an issue causing players to hold the Grapple Gun with the wrong hand when viewed in third-person.




Addressed an issue that prevented Echelon images from appearing in the Merit Report screen.


Removed erroneous description text for the Medic Perk that referenced faster healing.


Addressed an issue that prevented the Spectate button from functioning on the Elimination screen until Skip had been pressed.




Fixed a crash that could occur when loading into Blackout in splitscreen**.**






Addressed an issue causing zombies to rarely not spawn in appropriately on Round 12.


Addressed an issue causing zombies to rarely stop spawning if the player moved quickly through the Catwalk zone.


Added additional UI feedback on the HUD when players attempt to shoot without reloading first during the “Load of Nonsense” challenge.


Added additional UI feedback on the HUD when players attempt to shoot without jumping during the “Jump Shot” challenge.


Host Migration


Addressed various issues relating to having an active timer up when host migration occurred during a Gauntlet match.


Addressed an issue causing AI to not target players after a host migration while loading into a map.




Addressed a UI error that occurred when entering the Personalize Menu of the Armory for weapons that are disabled in the Edit Game Rules Menu.




Addressed an issue that caused a progress bar from appearing when throwing Equipment.




Blood of the Dead


Fixed a rare crash that could occur when the player killed themselves inside the Acid Trap.


Fixed a rare crash that could occur when certain visual effects were attached to the player.


Dead of the Night


Fixed a rare crash that could occur during the Stake Knife Quest.




Black Market


Free “Shamrock & Awe Calling Card” will no longer become unequipped after restarting the game.




Addressed an issue that prevented a user that was previously a party host from entering game modes that could not be entered with the previous party”

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